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Welcome to the Disability Benefits Law Center

Mission Statement
We represent claimants for Social Security Disability Benefits and/or Long Term Disability Benefits who have a good work history, but through no fault of their own, are unable to work until normal retirement age. If you paid into either or both of these programs and have applied for disability benefits and need help with your claim, please give us a call. We look over the medical evidence in your case, organize it and try to generate new, more helpful, medical evidence if necessary. We do this to prove to the decision-maker that your condition(s) meets the requirements of the law.
How You Get Paid
When you were working and paying taxes, part of that money went to Social Security and if you paid in enough quarters, you should be covered to receive disability benefits after you prove you are disabled and cannot perform any work, usually after a hearing before a judge. The amount you actually receive depends upon what you have paid in and you may be eligible for more money if you have dependent children. You would receive a regular monthly check. If you are applying for Long Term Disability Benefits, these would be paid through the corporation for which you previously worked and the amount would be explained in the policy which you would obtain from the insurance company responsible for payments. If you are successful with this type of case there is usually a hearing held before a Federal Judge of the U.S. District Court. Both of these types of claims, if they are successful, may pay back benefits to cover the time period when you were wrongfully denied these benefits.
How We Get Paid
There is no attorney’s fee paid at all if your case does not achieve success. If your case is successful, then a percentage of the back pay is paid to the attorney as a fee.


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